- Assisting in Planning and Data Collection of the 2011 National S-OJT Pilot Project” in South Korea.

- "Calculating the Financial Benefits of S-OJT” to be Delivered through the Ministry of Employment and Labor in Seoul, South Korea.
- "S-OJT Developer Workshop” in Shanghai, China and Seoul, South Korea.

2008 - 2009
- Assisting in The Global Roll-out of S-OJT System at Biomet, Inc., USA
- “Implementing S-OJT at Midwest Express Inc.”USA.

- “Implementing S-OJT System at Honeywell,Inc.,” USA.

2001 - Present
- “Designing and implementing S-OJT for newhire engineers at Kuwait National Petroleum Company,” Kuwait.“

- "Manpower Planning and Development Centre on S-OJT at Productivity Standards Board (PSB),” Singapore.

- "Staff Development Seminar on S-OJT at Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB),” Germany.
- "Seminar & Workshops on S-OJT" at The Ohio State University, USA.

- "Implementing and evaluating pilot programs on using S-OJT" at American Electric Power Company, USA.
- "Planning of a Pilot Program Using S-OJT" at Southwest Region, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Department of Treasury, USA.

1989 - 1993
- Assisting in the Design and Implementation of an Extensive Employee Development System involving S-OJT at Kenworth Truck Company, USA.

- "Structured On-The-Job Training, Phase 3" at Capital City Products, Inc., USA
- Training On-The-Job Coaching: Helping Others to Improve their Performance for Supervisors at Capital City Products, Inc., USA

Selected S-OJT Projects